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How Does Bankruptcy Work? What You Should Know Before and After Filing

Although it may end some of your financial troubles, filing for bankruptcy is not just something that you do once and the work is over. In fact, unless you want to file repeatedly throughout your life, the real work begins after your debts are discharged. Asking how does bankruptcy work is a question that few people ever really take the time to understand, but they should so they can save their finances.  If you don’t have debts […]

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How to Clear Credit Card Debt By Clawing Your Way Out

This post was written by Kevin Donovan from financialupdate.org.uk. He often writes about how the decisions made by politicians and bankers affect our daily lives and the ability to cope with the economic stress of an ever more debt ridden world. Every day we see large companies take large substantial hits.  This one to wonder: If they can’t survive this bleak economic climate, how can we? It’s a good sign if you are asking yourself this question […]

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How Much Could You Save Paying 0% Interest Using Balance Transfer Credit Cards?

If you have credit card debt, balance transfer credit cards are kind of an incredible option to help you. And odds are you probably know nothing about them… How Balance Transfer Credit Cards Help: First, think about the interest you’re paying on your credit card bill each month. The average American pays a little over 15% interest on their credit cards, where as bad credit or no credit consumers pay anywhere from 20% to 30% interest each […]

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